Thursday, August 23, 2007

On-demand Video: United Streaming

Lots of educational content at the Discovery Channel United Streaming website...actually it is all educational content. I believe our school is a subscriber...I will check to see where you can get log-on information. You can create folders of saved video clips, quizzes and other assignments using the wealth of video content. I love the fact you can just add clips to your account folders.


BrianC said...

Are you all aware about WXXI's streaming service that is free to all NYS educators and students? is the place to visit. For an account, just visit your library. Your Library Media Specialist should know the account code for your school. Through PowerMediaPlus you can not only access streaming videos (which are chaptered and downloadable), but a ton of audio clips, photos, text resources (like teacher guides) and even podcasts! Some of the media is even has rights for you to use in your own podcast! Have a podcast, but it sits on a static webpage? You can upload it and share it in PowerMediaPlus.

This is one resource that educators seem to miss. United Streaming is great, but it costs a lot of money. I'd check out the FREE service from WXXI through before thinking about purchasing Discovery's service.

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