Tuesday, October 16, 2007

60-second Lecture? Last Lecture?

Since starting this blog, I've come across 2 ideas that I find interesting. One, is what would I share with my students if I knew that my next "lecture" was going to be my last lecture? And two, what if I only could give a 60-second lecture? The Last Lecture series is done at Carnegie-Mellon University and the 60-second lecture is done at Penn. So, I was thinking it might be interesting for staff and students to participate in a lecture series. Maybe have one-minute lectures during lunch? Maybe have a last lecture for retiring teachers? It might be a good way to spark intellectual curiosity and model public speaking. So if you are interested in participating, answer the poll on the right side of the blog. If there seems to be enough interest, then I will pursue these ideas. If not, then I'll go grade some papers.


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