Saturday, November 10, 2007

Before We Ban Cell Phones

Before we ban cell phones altogether in our classrooms, check out this website wiki titled Cell Phones in Learning. As phones are becoming more and more powerful, they are equipped with many tools that students may want to use in class. Students often want to use their phone calculators and cameras. As this site suggests, phones can be used to collect data, take pictures and videos, publish to websites, reference information (news, weather), calendars and even GPS features. For example, from my camera phone, I can send my picture to an email address from my list of contacts which sends the picture immediately to a mobile camera phone blog. I could, although I haven't yet, have a page that everyone in the class sends their camera phone pictures/videos to for a class project.


Brian said...

Dave, we need to do a project where students are allowed and encouraged to use their phones for learning. Let's talk mor e often.

DWalt said...

That would be cool idea...I know one problem is that not all students have the same features on their phones. But do think doing something with Gcast or Gabcast is possible.

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