Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gabcast #2

Gabcast! TechnoCoach #2
Ok...just a bit of an explanation how this GabCast with my daughter got to this page. I used my cell phone and called into the Gabcast 1-800 #. Second, I entered a passcode to set up a conference call. Next, I had my daughter use another cell phone to call the same 1-800 #, enter my channel # and my conference call passcode. Next, I pressed "1" to start recording our conversation. At the end of the conversation I pressed #, then "2" to publish the conversation automatically to this blog. Have your students set up phone interviews, give the interviewee the numbers/passcodes and have the entire interview recorded and automatically posted to the web.


wendy said...

This is awesome. Zoe did a fantastic job sharing her experiences with using technology to support her learning. Hmmmm, how can I use this tool with our Pond Partners project?

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