Monday, March 31, 2008

YouTube Channels

Many of us go to YouTube to watch random videos. Some of us may actually search for videos for classroom use. Fewer of us may have our own students create content that is shared on YouTube. Whatever the case, did you know you can create your own channel? Included in your personal channel is to use a user -defined playlist as your video log. In this case, these are videos that connect to concepts in my AP Psychology class. As I find more videos for this playlist, the v-log grows as well.


Ken said...

Dave: my school is trying to get teachers to utilize SchoolTube and TeacherTube in leiu of YouTube. The 'less junk' and educationally irrelevant arguement. Any opinions on this?

DWalt said...

@Ken: I understand the "less junk" argument but I would think I am going to find a much broader selection of relevent topics on youtube. I am not sure of the restrictions schooltube and teachertube but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get some of the content I already have saved for the courses I teach.

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