Saturday, June 21, 2008

The $1,000,000 Car

This past week I had an opportunity to drive a $1,000,000 car. The GM designed Equinox Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car was recently blogged by Wired Magazine. You can read their review and a lot of the details there or read from GM's Fuel Cell page.

My first impression was similar to Wired Magazine...seems pretty ordinary. That is until you open the hood and see a fuel cell. That is until you start the car and are not really sure it's even running. That is until you take it for a drive and realize you burned zero gasoline, and used zero oil and created zero emissions.

Why am I blogging about this car on a blog about instructional technology? Well, the car was visiting an elementary school the next day and I thought how cool to use this car as a way to get kids interested in math, science, engineering, environmental issues, government (GM had to crash 5 cars to pass all the regulations to get the car on the road), collaboration, and all sorts of technology.


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