Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NECC Day 1--Missing Link-21st Century Leadership

Christopher Moersch, Ed.D., of the LoTi Project led this session that previewed an Alan November survey in Tuesday's highlighted session which identified a lack of 21st century leadership and vision for technology integration. The LoTi Project as I understand it from this session, allows educational leadership to assess the level of integration regarding 21st century skills such as global awareness and entrepreneurship. Moersch made the important point that technology in the classroom does not equal 21st century learning. In fact, much of technology integration still only achieves lower level cognitive skill development.
In order to assess 21st century skills in any one lesson, Moersch applies H.E.A.T. analysis. Rate a lesson from 1-5 on H-Higher Order Thinking Skills, E-Level of Engagement, A-Authenticity of the student work, and T-Integration of Technology. If the lesson scores high in these 4 areas, then you most likely achieved a 21st century learning environment.
Dr. Moersch asked teachers in the room to create a performance task on the spot using the website This site provides historical date on every state's presidential election history. The point being made was how quickly a high level HEAT analysis lesson could be developed.
Educational leadership can use LoTi's 5 C's to integrate 21st century skills: Cultivation, Courage, Creativity, Commitment, and Communication. Learn more on the LoTi webpages.


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