Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Personal Learning Network (PL N)

My school is in its 2nd year developing meaningful Personal Learning Communities (PLC's). These groups are primarily organized around content area groups that set Smart goals who then work collaboratively toward achieving these goals. It so happens that I am the single AP Psychology teacher in my building. While I have identified my own goals based on College Board data, I miss out on a broader discussion about learning, technology, and general content knowledge in the course of in-house collaborative work. This doesn't mean I am not having these conversations about learning. I have turned to web 2.0 tools to have these discussions, to share resources, and to reflect on my strategies and practices. So I thought I would share a sampling of the people who are in my own Personal Learning Network. I say a sampling because my network goes beyond my interest in education, technology, and psychology. I could also include names with whom I share an interest in music, politics, design, marketing, sports as well as a personal network of friends and family.

In reflecting on my PLN, I do notice that I want and need to add more individuals with connections directly to Psychology, I want to include a more diverse group, and I want to continue to add those names who represent an expertise in their fields as well as delete names who don't offer anything to the conversation.

Google Reader Subscriptions to Blogs and other RSS Feeds

  • aka Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach is a 20-year educator who has been a classroom teacher, technology coach, charter school principal, district administrator, and digital learning consultant. Currently, she is in the dissertation phase of completing her doctorate in Educational Planning, Policy and Leadership at the College of William and Mary.
  • aka Vicki Davis, Vicki Davis is a teacher and the IT director at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia. Vicki co-created three award winning international wiki-centric projects, the Flat Classroom project, the Horizon project, and Digiteen with teacher Julie Lindsay, currently at Qatar Academy.
  • aka Darren Draper, Technology Specialist, Sandy, Utah. An avid educational technology enthusiast, A Technology Curriculum Specialist for Jordan School District.
  • aka John Connell, Scotland. A teacher by profession but has been out of the classroom for many years. Recently joined Cisco Systems as their Education Business Development Manager for the Emerging Markets - covering South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.
  • Wesley Fryer. Wesley Fryer is an educator, author, digital storyteller and change agent. He addresses a range of topics related to education, technology integration, distance learning, and twenty-first century literacy.
Twitter (Microblogging)
  • cheeky_geeky aka Mark Drapeau (Washington, D.C.), a biological scientist researching social tools for government use and writes for
  • kjarrett aka Kevin Jarret (New Jersey), a K-4 Technology Facilitator/Computer Lab Teacher, Google Certified (NYC ’07), Grad School (MSEd) Instructor, Second Lifer, and workshop presenter.
  • dwarlick aka David Warlick (location unknown), a 30+ year educator, technologist, programmer, author, & public speaker.
  • tammyworcester aka Tammy Worcester (Kansas), Instructional Technology Specialist at ESSDACK, a service center. Present at lots of conferences and writes a few books.
  • chrislehmann, aka Chris Lehmann(Philadelphia), Principal of the Science Leadership Academy and author of
  • MikeGras, aka Mike Gras (East Texas), Chief of Technology in a east Texas school district, White Oak.
  • ShawnKball, aka Shawn Kimball (Eastern Maine), Child-centered, future-focused teacher versed in instructional technology and authentic, and integrated project-based learning.
  • kstevens77, aka Kyle Stevens (Dallas, TX), Teaching English and Economics and coaching wresting and cross country at Bishop Dunne Catholic School.
  • cshirky, aka Clay Shirky (NYC), Mr. Shirky divides his time between consulting, teaching, and writing on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies. Mr. Shirky is an adjunct professor in NYU's graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program.
  • cwebbtech, aka Chris Webb (Minot, South Dakota), Secondary Schools Tech Facilitator, Masters Degree in Ed Tech (Boise State), Bachelors in Music Ed (UND).
  • chrischampion aka Chris Champion (Hershey, PA), writes and a computer teacher with tech integrator designs.
  • jomcleay aka Jo McLeay (Melbourne, Australia), teacher of English in a secondary school who loves social media.
There are other social tools I use as well. Flickr, youtube, and (social bookmarking) all have social components that allow me to subscribe to different users or add users to my personal learning network. So, please add my blog and twitter feed to your personal network and let me know how I can add yourself to my network.

Update: Since this post, BrianLockwood (twitter name), an educator, administrator, geek and traveler, and teacher at Yokohama International School, Japan and jasonaedwards (twitter), Director of Educational Technology at the Khartoum International Community School in Sudan started following me on Twitter. Brian tweeted about a collaborative 4th grade Physical Education project that I shared with the PE Dept. at Klem South. I don't know if Klem South will participate but this is just one example of how quickly and how far ideas can be shared and how connected we've become. I now have ideas about setting up a collaborative project for my AP Psychology class as well.


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