Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NYSCATE 2008-Let's Talk Tech

Session A-Let's Talk Tech
This session wasn't a discussion about technology and professional development (PD) as it was a tour of how the Springville-Griffith Institute uses School World to deliver professional development. While I didn't think the session was quite as advertised, I did manage to take away several useful thought and ideas. S-G Institute used their closed circuit TV system to deliver PD into classrooms in different buildings from a centralized location. The TV was used in conjunction with the internet, mobile labs, computer lab classrooms, etc. to deliver PD to a larger group in remote locations of the district. Boost Program--participants in this program receive some type of PD, usually around technology, but not necessarily, and in return have to give a 10 minute presentation at a faculty meeting + a one-hour workshop. I think this is something our own WPDC should consider as a way to have staff share their expertise with colleagues. is a free animation software site. I played around with this briefly and it is pretty easy to use and would be another fun way for kids to express their ideas. Any assignment that already uses storyboards in the planning process could be adapted to this animation software. And if you want, you can even put heads from your own photographs on the animated bodies, add voiceovers, and soundtracks.
The one topic I wanted to hear more about was the school's hosting of a Pangea Day event. This wasn't mentioned in the presentation. Overall, it seemed more of a plug for School World (although it was said repeatedly it wasn't) and how you can put all your PD online. Not exactly ground-breaking stuff.


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