Monday, March 30, 2009

Instructional Practice in Action

I recently wrote a mini-grant for a Flip Mino HD Camcorder with the intended purpose of visiting classrooms and recording specific instructional practices for other teachers to view. Sometimes, while sitting in a workshop or reading a book it is difficult to imagine the practice in action. The idea behind this project is to see teachers using specific instructional practices in actual classroom settings.
The Flip Mino allows me to sit in a class without a distracting setup and record the class as it normally would progress. Additionally, I then can come back to my computer, insert the Flip USB connection and have the video on YouTube within minutes. I then use Google Sites to archive the videos within the context of a webpage. I call this site Instructional Practices in Action. So far, I have 3 videos that take a look at storytelling, generating discussion, and active listening. My initial thought was to keep this site within our own district but I would entertain the thought of hosting other videos as long as it was specific to an identified instructional practice and the video was recorded in an actual classroom setting. I also like to keep each clip at less than 10 minutes.
So please take a look at Instructional Practices in Action and let me know what you think.


nu2blogging said...
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nu2blogging said...
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Anonymous said...

What's the learning curve like on these cameras? We just ordered a bunch, and I'm wondering what kind of training I will need to provide for the teachers.

Dave Waltman said...


The learning curve is essentially zero. Turn on, press the big red button for record, press it again to stop.

Click button to release USB plug. Push into USB port on computer...transfer files to computer or upload directly to a YouTube account.

It's that simple.

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