Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Search Playlist Launched

Search. Research. Verify. Did you know that Americans consume 34 Gigabytes of data EVERYDAY? As more and more of the world becomes digitized, the ability to sort through information becomes increasingly important. Too many of us (me, included) use the Google start page for searches and then only use 1-2 pages of results. This is not acceptable for teachers and students. To help promote the use of advanced Google search techniques, I am launching a YouTube playlist of Google Search videos. Inspired by this cute Parisian Love video, I asked our staff to give me real topics they asked students to research. I then gave these topics a try using some advanced Google search techniques. I just want to note that I am not an expert on search by any means and suggestions on searching these topics are welcome!

I will be adding videos to this playlist over time. A direct link to this playlist can be found here.


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