Friday, October 19, 2007

PowerPoint-With Notes & Online

I came across this Powerpoint when exploring the Edutopia website that I talked about in the previous post. This struck me for 2 reasons. One, is that it is so simple to publish a powerpoint to the web that we often miss opportunities to do this for our students. We can simply post the PP file but as you can see here, the design of the online slide show is somewhat different. What I like about this version is the notes section. It made me think of the how I might change a PP assignment. I like the organizational requirement of having a slide that has minimal information and a notes section that reflects what one might add during a narration or speech. The outline on the left can be a formative step (and assessment) as they prepare the presentation. Now, the big you know how to show students to use the notes and outline features and could you publish it on the web as shown here?


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