Monday, November 26, 2007

Google Earth Mashup

Check out this Google Earth mashup of the pollution-producting industries and how they are laid out across the country. I am not posting this as an environmentalist but as an example of how Google Earth can be used. If you use the tilt feature of Google Earth on this mashup, you see how the relative height of the marker is an indication of the amount of pollution. This works best when you zoom in on a location, then tilt the viewpoint. For example, in the Rochester NY area, the RGE Russell Station in Greece gives off a lot of sulfur dioxide. Can you think of ways to use Google Earth? What other "mashups" would you like to see with Google Earth? What if the markers indicated art museums? football stadiums? Walmarts?
Update: Check out these other Google Earth uses. Attn: Social Studies teachers...look at the Darfur maps! To me, the real learning is getting kids to create one of these Google mashup maps. Complete with video and picture links. Very cool.

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