Saturday, November 24, 2007

NYSCATE Report #1-Gary Marx

The first keynote address was given by Gary Marx, author of 16 Trends, Their Profound Impact on the Future. A lot of this speech was of the World is Flat variety, however, there is plenty of food for thought. Marx tried to extend the discussion to the implications were for each of these trends but in this time frame he was unable to develop these ideas (even though he was speaking very, very fast). His time frame for the these trends were usually looking at now till 1950. I will be either dead or 87 years old in 1950 so I was interested in the implications of these trends for my children. Somehow, I missed 2 trends in my notes...I only have 14. If you want the other 2, I guess you will have to buy the book (or download this ASCD document that gives a better summary than what follows).

  • The old outnumber the young (2030: only 2 workers for every SS beneficiary)
  • Majorities will become minorities
  • Social and intellectual capital will become an economic force (rise & flight of the creative class)
  • Continuous Improvement trend (collaboration to build on ideas)
  • Generation E (equilibrium), born after 2004 will look to fight injustices and call for equilibrium
  • Increased speed of communication (nanotechnology)-implications for materials, conductors, medications, energy
  • Education will become personalized and lifelong
  • Release of human ingenuity across disciplines
  • Widespread ethical issues
  • Planetary security issues-natural resources, weapons
  • We are responsible for other people (globally)
  • Narrowness vs. Openmindedness (polarization vs. civility)
  • Diplomacy and interdependence focus
  • Work/Life balance-seeking personal meaning vs. personal accomplishment
Marx concluded by asking educators the following in regard to our educational system, "Do we defend what we have or create what we need?"


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