Friday, December 7, 2007

Ning...70's Style

I've decided to try my first classroom project using Ning. Sometimes you just have to jump into these things. I've created a 70's social network on Ning and every student has been assigned an area of expertise (actually, they know very little about the 70's but they will become an expert in an area...hopefully). I am introducing Ning to my class next week and we will use the mobile lab all week to find and add content to our social network. They will add video, music files, pictures, start discussions, create forums, and respond to my prompts. I've even created a forum category called "Living in the 70's" for parents, grandparents, and relatives to share their memories of the 1970's. Feel free to add your own 70's experiences in this forum category. I have also incorporated a Google Collaborative Map where students can placemark all the locations they read about. I started the map with markers for Three Mile Island and Rockford, IL (hometown of Cheap Trick). Cut & Paste this address into your browser to see the 1970's map:

Check the Ning site in a week and see how it's grown (I hope!).


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