Friday, May 30, 2008

Twitter & TED Collide

Many who know me also know that I am always raving about the speeches available from the T.E.D. Conference. Well, yesterday my Twitter world and the T.E.D. Conference collided. It was basically nothing more than running into someone who knew someone kinda thing but how it occurred was a purely Web 2.0 phenomenon. Here's how it went:

On Twitter I follow Gia Milinovich (giagia on Twitter). I don't remember why or how I decided to follow her. Apparently, she must have been connected to someone else I follow. Yesterday Gia left a tweet that mentioned she held a TED party. I simply replied directly to her, "TED party? TED conference?" Gia replied, "Yes, a TED party with 'TED people', many of whom Brian and I met at TED this year. It was fab!" After a couple more exchanges on Twitter, she informs me that Brian is Brian Cox, physicist and former rock star who gave a TED speech on his work with the Large Hadron Collider. Brian is also her husband.

Update: Another TED speaker, Harold Rheingold left a tweet asking if anyone was available for a cup of coffee in Philadelphia between a speaking engagement and his flight. I wish I lived in Philadelphia as I would have made time to have coffee with Mr. Rheingold. This is twitter universe.


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