Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Features on Webster Teacher Webpage Toolkit

This post is just for Webster School District teachers as it provides an update for new features on the Teacher Webpage Toolkit. Three new features were recently added. The first feature to be added is the My Podcasts feature. This allows teachers (or students) to create their own audio or video podcasts, post them to their webpage to have others subscribe to the their content.

The second feature is a My Puzzles page. You can create a jigsaw like puzzle with an image or a word search with different levels of difficulty. The puzzles are timed and the results can be sent to the teacher.

Finally, a My Blog feature has been added as well. You can set up multiple blogs and receive comments on each post. There is a setting which allows you to moderate the comments as well.

You can find all of these features under the My Applications tab on your teacher toolkit. They will be listed under the "show inactive sections" initially. You will have to activate the feature for it to show up on your website. I also had some issues with the podcast appearing when the Firefox browser was used but it worked fine with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


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